How can they be removed?

These have a very sticky adhesive, but they do come off when you're ready. Simply peel at one of the corners to get it started. We recommend holding the key down with one hand while you pull with the other just to make sure you don't accidentally pull the key off the keyboard. It should release cleanly without any residue left on the key.


How do I learn new shortcuts?

Most programs you use on your Mac have a menu across the top and typically you probably use your mouse to interact with it. Most items in those menus have a key combination that you need to press. So next time, instead of clicking the link, figure out what key combination you need to press. Armed with your new stickers, you'll be able to tell which keys to use. Then, simply hold the appropriate Control, Option, Shift, and or Command key followed by tapping on whatever key is in the sequence. This is typically a number or a letter.


How do they feel on the keyboard?

When you install them, if you look on the keyboard, you'll be able to see they're there. But when you're typing, you won't be able to notice the difference between the keys with stickers and the ones without. If you don't agree, take us up on our no-hassle 100% return policy.


How does your return policy work?

It's a no-hassle, 100% return. It works like this... if you're anything but ecstatic with your purchase, just let us know. We return 100% of your money. No explanation, no shipping fees, and no restocking fees. You won't even have to go through the trouble of sending them back. Just call, email, or smoke signal to us that you're not happy and we'll gladly refund you 100%.